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Major Shift From Windows to Linux

2017-07-01 08:40:14 by Akuaitance

So its been 3wks now since I decided to change my pc os | | it was abt time imo and heres why;

My PC isn't getting any younger.

With a spec of Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100T, CPU @ 2.50GHz , 4GB RAM ; and all the updates/changes in windows and software requirements everything seems to be slowing down. A change of pace and revival was needed coz soon 4gb wont cut it any more. Nowadays arty softwares recommend atleast 8GB RAM or more ; 16GB preferred. Got to lessen then load somewhere.


Most of the softwares I use / need are mainly open-source

- i use mainly Krita, GimpBlender and Synfig ; and they are all very responsive and fast under Linux. So why stay? Planning on adding Open toonz and others to my workflow. 


More Space

- After refreshing then later resetting my windows 10. I noticed i gained abt an extra 40GB of space which was a lot needed space; am guessing its from upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10 annivesary then to windows 10 creators update.

- ability to remove pre-installed apps 


So many apps for subscription not even worth it

From gaming to drawing s/w to 3D s/w to audio to video-editing to animation s/w ; each needs maybe $25 / $45 every month and the fact am not currently working yet it makes more sense to split that $25 to open source softwares and support them than spend over $100


Planning to get deeper into programming 

Been thinking of helping out a bit more on Krita's  and Synfig development, among other things on my programming to do list 

Lastly, Privacy


If you are an artist & new to linux and you wanna switch / wanna revive that old laptop computer so that you can integrate into your digital workstation or for hobby purposes such drawing in krita then i suggest trying the following OS for starters : Linux Mint (Cinnamon/XFCE), Manjaro (XFCE) | | stay away from KDE's they are heavy and a bit buggy imo.

Am using Manjaro (XFCE) as of now and so far so good :)


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